Yet Another Pretentious Article About Meditation

At the risk of sounding like a Hollywood actress…

*cough* Cameron Diaz *cough* Jennifer Aniston *cough*

In November 2016, I headed down to the local Buddhist centre on a college trip. There was no educational purpose to the trip – it was just on offer for whoever wanted to go.

My friend and me were the only guys on the trip…and the only ones who had our natural hair colours by the looks of it. Seeing a bag with ‘I’m Vegan’ plastered on the side in pink lettering, just seemed like a reminder of why ISIS hates this country.

Anyhow, my only reason for going on the trip was to satisfy my curiousity. Up until that point, I’d never seen the inside of a Buddhist centre. And out of all the religions, it was probably the one I could identify with the most. But that’s not saying much.

meditation-1The centre itself was not like any religious building you’d expect – seeing as how it was part coffee shop and book store. But as the tour-guide explained, the centre was built to accommodate the city’s Buddhist community and serve as a resource of learning for anybody to come in.

Upstairs, was the prayer room, a spacious room with a golden Buddha statue. The teacher explained Buddhism to us, and led us in meditation.

Up until that point, I’d been USELESS at meditation.

There’d always be something I was thinking about. One sound from outside the window, that would grab my attention. An unsettled worry from earlier in the day. Always a distraction, always a reason to quit.

However, through those ten minutes of silence and reflection, I gained a motivation to begin meditating regularly. I figured, it’d help de-stress myself right?

Because college students have it so hard, you Doctors and Nurses need to stop whining..

That was a joke, that was a joke, that was a joke

I brought this book from Urban Oufitters, and it’s not essential, but is handy

Like a typical teenager, I rushed home to begin meditating every night. And bring it into conversation as frequently as possible.

“Wow, the weather’s been so shit lately…”

“I know…the rain was so loud…couldn’t reach enlightenment…oh well…”

Anyhow, that routine lasted about two weeks. Then I just fell out of habit for no particular reason.

meditation-4Recently, I began thinking about the benefits of meditation and what it did for me personally. Not being a religious person, or even a spiritual one, meditation is an accessible way to establish some sense of calm.

To me, it’s more about just taking a moment to let all the things that stressed you out fade. Just sitting alone, illuminated by a dim candle (Everyone and their mother has scented candles these days) and taking some time to just breathe, can do you a lot of good.

Even if it’s only for five minutes, it’ll still do you some good.

Now that I’ve gotten that utterly pretentious article out of the way, I’ll go back to being annoying in another way….by spouting off opinions.


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