Ten Years Of Lies: The McCann Scam

Ten years ago, Madeleine McCann disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal. Since then, the world has been hooked to a global game of cat and mouse. Sightings have repeatedly been reported, but the whereabouts of this young girl, who would now be thirteen years old, remain unknown.

In the wake of their daughter’s disappearance, Kate and Gerry McCann have received notoriety through their media campaign to find Madeleine. They’ve met Pope Benedict, been on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and received public support from Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Piers Morgan, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo. Any criticism of the McCanns is shot down in the media almost immediately, though a vocal minority of public figures are becoming more critical in recent years – Sharon Osbourne and Katie Hopkins among them.

mccann #2Something about the McCanns doesn’t sit right with me. Ignoring the fact that they essentially left their young children in a dangerous situation, I have yet to see them ever declare “We should never have left Madeleine alone that night…it’s our fault”.

Instead, the McCanns have sought to serve themselves and their own interests. They’ve been filing lawsuits against another who speaks out against them (1) and used the £1 million public fund to pay off their mortgage (2).

Though it may be long winded at times, I hope this article presents the case that many of us have been starting to see over time. And that is that Madeleine was never taken.

The Dogs

Keela and Eddie were two dogs trained for crime-scene-investigation. In particular, Eddie was trained as a ERVD (Enhanced-victim-recovery dog), who gave a ‘bark alert’ to the scent of human cadavers (Deceased bodies). Whilst searching the apartment in which the McCanns stayed in, both dogs alerted attention to the area behind the living room sofa, and a space in the closet in the bedroom that the McCanns had been sleeping in (3).

A week later, the dogs alerted attention the hired car used by the McCanns. Eddie raised the alert outside the McCanns’ car, and inside the trunk. Both dogs gave alerts to Kate’s clothes, Madeleine’s stuffed toy Cuddle Cat and the family Bible (4).

In the following interrogation, Kate refused to answer 48 questions asked during the 11 hour interview. Questions included:
⦁ How much time did you spend searching in the apartment after realising that your daughter Madeleine had disappeared?
⦁ Assuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home to go to the Tapas to raise the alarm, not least because the supposed abductor could still be in the apartment?

mccann #3

Most alarmingly, when asked “Are you aware that the fact of your not answering the questions put to you jeopardise the investigation that was aimed at finding out what happened to your daughter?”, Kate responded “Yes, if the investigation thinks that” (5).

The Suspect

Jane Tanner, a friend of the McCanns, reported seeing a mysterious man carrying a child on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance. However, the details she gives about the figure are incomprehensible. She supposedly saw the man from a distance on a dark street, yet can recall specific details about him- that he appears to be of southern European descent, wearing beige trousers and a dark jacket. A link was made to Robert Murat, a British-Portuguese man living nearby, but ultimately he was cleared of any link to the incident.

mccann #4

Tanner’s statement was officially dropped from this point onwards, and the Portuguese police believe it’s fabricated.

The story propped up by the McCanns is virtually impossible to defend after a point.

One must assume that a kidnapper would enter the apartment by breaking and entering through the window.

However, only Kate’s DNA was found on the window and there was no sign of forced entry anywhere in the apartment. The story falls apart once this is realised (5).



So what did happen?

A theory put forward by Gonçalo Amaral, the detective who was in charge of the investigation, was that Madeleine fell whilst in the apartment alone, hit her and subsquently died. He sees all the following actions of the McCanns as a cover up, to divert attention.

This article may appear harsh. But with every public outpouring of praise upon the McCanns, I’m growing weary. Critics are shot down as ‘bullies’ and ‘hateful’, when really they value the truth. So many parents are locked away for cases of ‘child neglect’ (One outrageous example involved a man who dashed into a pharmacy and left his daughter in the car for a few minutes), whilst the McCanns parade around free.

I’m not suggesting that they murdered their daughter. But something about it doesn’t sit right with me, and I’d imagine many people feel the same way. The truth will eventually come out, regardless of the outcome.



1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2764103/kate-and-gerry-mccann-vow-to-take-legal-action-if-cops-book-claiming-they-covered-up-her-death-is-published-in-the-uk/
2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-490415/Row-McCanns-use-1million-Madeleine-fund-pay-mortgage.html
3. Martin Grime, report to investigators, Polícia Judiciária files, vol. 9, August 2007, 2462–2498, released 4 August 2008
4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1562579/The-allegations-facing-the-McCanns.html
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