Skin Deep – The Bleaching Industry

Pop star Michael Jackson was the subject of ridicule for his increasingly white complexion. Rumours circulated for years that he’d been bleaching his skin, out of shame of being African-American. However, as confirmed by Jackson himself and in his autobiography, Jackson was actually suffering from a skin disorder called vitiligo. At the time, he was […]

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Monogamy Vs. Polygamy

Since the 13th century, the nuclear family (A man and a woman married, with children living under their roof) has been the primary arrangement in England, and by default, North America as well as much of Europe. The nuclear family is essentially a product of monogamy – in which two individuals enter a marriage or […]

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A Gay Agenda?

Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film is coming to cinemas on March 17th. Though the saying ‘Beating a dead horse’ does have relevance here, many are excited to experience the story on the big screen once more. However, a recent development has stirred up publicity. One of the characters has been announced to be […]

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