A Gay Agenda?

Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ film is coming to cinemas on March 17th. Though the saying ‘Beating a dead horse’ does have relevance here, many are excited to experience the story on the big screen once more. However, a recent development has stirred up publicity. One of the characters has been announced to be […]

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Legalising Drugs: The Argument

It’s an argument that many don’t want to hear. Understandably so, especially in light of ‘The War On Drugs’ launched by conservative politicians like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Drugs, of course, can ruin lives. However, legalising drugs isn’t an effort to promote drug use, at least not from my position. Legalising drugs is effectively […]

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Protest And Power

By the estimates of many, the right to assemble and protest is a mark of a free society. It’s a privilege and right sorely missing in countries like North Korea, Ukraine, Egypt and Russia. And though there are limitations to protests (France has banned Palestinian solidartiy demontsrations (1) ), it is a valuable component of […]

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